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Hong Kong is a regional and international trading centre and the China's open window for foreign trades. It is also an important international logistic centre. For a long time, Hong Kong's many small and medium sized businesses engage in the activities of re-export trading; foreign trade agents and trade relations, these services form one of the key industries in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong situates in the Pearl River Delta and it is the junction for international trades. Following China's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the continuously increased demands from the world's logistic industry, the traditional role of foreign trade agents from the intermediary services needed to transform quickly into supply chain management which forms the current logistic industry practice. The transition was the impetus for Hong Kong's industrial services and logistic sector to increase their values and to change the shape of the industry. It is also provided a direction for future development.


With globalization, competitions between foreign and regional businesses are increasingly fierce. We, Great Union Global Express Agency Ltd is well aware that by keeping with time and up hold the ideals of continuous improvements of the service and through strengthening the company's compositeness that we can adapt to the unpredictability of this market environment.

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